Your child has cancer

“Your child has cancer” are 4 words that no parent ever wants to hear, but sadly this is what we heard in November 2017. Our daughter had leukaemia at just 2 years old. Being 38 weeks pregnant and having lost a boyfriend to leukemia, I literally felt the weight of the world on my shoulder. Would my daughter also die a slow, painful death?

Message from Jacob’s Mum

“The cancer is back”, Dr Calvagna told us in February of 2013. We knew without him needing to spell it out what it meant. This was the fourth time that cancer had reared up its head and this time there was nothing more that could be done to save Jacob. Devastating? It doesn’t even start explaining the engulfing pain me and my husband were experiencing.

Looking forward to continue with my life…

oday 30th January I am celebrating my sixteenth birthday and on this special day I would like to deeply thank Dr.Calvagna first and foremost, as well as the other doctors and the nursing staff of Rainbow Ward for their patience and continuous support when I mostly needed it. They encouraged me to fight my battle against cancer. I would also like to thank Dr. Eric Farrugia and or Dr. Nick Refalo

Basically Puttinu means the world to me

Now, that I am getting closer and closer to finishing my treatment, I felt I had to send you a small thank you message concerning you, Dr. Victor Calvagna and the other nurses and doctors in Rainbow Ward. Honestly when I remember the first time entering the Ward, I still hadn’t met you guys as it was very early but I felt something which immediately made me feel at home. Something which you always showed me during my battle. Something which gave me hope and courage in facing the situation. You had my back from day 1 and you can’t even imagine what a difference it made for me.