Nine years ago Samuel and Benjamin were both born with a congenital heart disease. After their birth, they were transported to Great Ormond Street hospital to have their first intervention. We told our eldest son that we’ll see him soon. However, things didn’t go as planned and instead of staying for a week, we were there for 2 months as another intervention was needed and Samuel suffered several complications.

When Benjamin was discharged, we had to see where to stay with a newborn with health concerns. Not knowing when we would be able to come back, our 2-year-old son also joined us there. Puttinu reached out and offered accommodation in Sutton, however, we couldn’t be far away from Samuel as he was in critical condition. The project of apartments in central London is of immeasurable support to patients and their families who need to undergo treatment in this area. You are already worried about your child, the least thing you need to worry about is where to stay or change accommodation whilst your son is undergoing open heart surgery.

After that, we’ve been back at GOSH another 3 times for other operations and we have also made use of the apartments in Sutton, during recovery whilst waiting to be able to fly back home. We thank Puttinu Cares for the support we’ve always received, and we urge you to donate to such a good cause.