“Your child has cancer” are 4 words that no parent ever wants to hear, but sadly this is what we heard in November 2017. Our daughter had leukaemia at just 2 years old. Being 38 weeks pregnant and having lost a boyfriend to leukemia, I literally felt the weight of the world on my shoulder. Would my daughter also die a slow, painful death? How will I find the strength to go through labor at any minute? How will I find the courage to leave my sick daughter to do so? How will I be able to care for a newborn and for a very sick child? Will all this stress and sorrow harm my unborn child? These thoughts haunted me and tried to break me.

Meeting the people of Puttinu felt like meeting a group of angels in my darkest moments. From the moment we met, they made us feel like they knew exactly what they were doing – they were in control and this felt extremely reassuring. They had an answer for all our questions and no problem was ever too big. Puttinu does not only provide financial and housing support to people undergoing treatment abroad – they provide a wealth of mental support to families undergoing very trying times locally. They are understanding, gentle and kind with sick kids and their parents. They are always ready to cheer us up and do their best to make hospital feel like a fun place for the kids and home to us parents. They are thoughtful when they even remember important family dates and gather round with a cake to celebrate with us, because, most importantly, they have taught us that even in the worst times, life is a celebration and every day is a blessing… all this because they do all their hard work with LOVE. So please help if you can.

I promise you that everything is appreciated by us – every monetary, blood, toy or time donation means the difference between a horrible day watching our child suffer or a better day when our child is happy in a warm and fun environment