“The cancer is back”, Dr Calvagna told us in February of 2013. We knew without him needing to spell it out what it meant. This was the fourth time that cancer had reared up its head and this time there was nothing more that could be done to save Jacob. Devastating? It doesn’t even start explaining the engulfing pain me and my husband were experiencing. Up till that day we had been carrying a bit of hope that we would still be able to lead a normal life together with our two boys. But it was never meant to be. We cried our hearts out for hours and then we had to plaster a smile on our face to go back to our boys who were playing with the PlayStation in a room in Rainbow Ward.

My dear son Jacob battled cancer for four times in five and a half years. Throughout these years, cancer changed him just as much as it changed us. Though I still remember my little cheeky son who used to trick us and enjoy monkeying around, I saw how quickly he had to grow up after all that he had to endure. Children battling cancer suffer a lot, physically, mentally and emotionally. I can still remember his last words before he lost consciousness, “Mom, I think I will never get well again”.  He died 14 hours afterwards, on 12th March 2014 at the age of 8 years.  A big chunk of my heart died with him.

My son had a lot of dreams which he talked to me about. He wanted to grow up, meet a girl, marry and have children. He wanted to work and earn money. He even made me go and talk to a shop owner to save him a job until he grew up!  Just a week before Jacob died, he asked me to prepare for him all the ingredients necessary to make a lemon cake – it was his very favourite. He used to help me bake it ever since he could hold a wooden spoon in his chubby little hands. On that day, he baked it all by himself but he only managed a couple of bites. For this year’s Cake Sale I will be baking Jacob’s lemon cake and though it will be a bit painful, I will be doing it to help all the other brave children battling cancer at Rainbow Ward.

Puttinu Cares was always there, not only for Jacob but even for the rest of our family. It took care of us and made our painful journey a lot easier. Puttinu Cares took care of all our expenses when we had to stay for seven months in Sutton, UK and granted every wish Jacob had.  No ifs or buts. We only needed to focus on our son, the rest was taken care by Puttinu.

I am hoping that with your help this year’s cake sale will be a success as always and I know that when we will be counting the money after the cake sale is over, Jacob will be there with us – that was always his favourite part of the cake sale.Valerie Scerri – Jacob’s mum