Now, that I am getting closer and closer to finishing my treatment, I felt I had to send you a small thank you message concerning you, Dr. Victor Calvagna and the other nurses and doctors in Rainbow Ward. Honestly when I remember the first time entering the Ward, I still hadn’t met you guys as it was very early but I felt something which immediately made me feel at home. Something which you always showed me during my battle. Something which gave me hope and courage in facing the situation. You had my back from day 1 and you can’t even imagine what a difference it made for me.

Thanks for all the support you gave me and my family. The psychological boosts you gave us. I really can’t imagine myself conquering this without your help. I still remember us worrying on what to do regarding the operation which was going to be done in England and then you came along and without hesitation told us, “ Leave everything to us, you just worry about your son and nothing else”. Simply WOW!

Now, after I finish my treatment a couple of weeks from today, I am ready to help you make a difference in other patients’ and families’ lives just like you made in ours. Puttinu managed to help us see the light when everything seemed dull. It helped us keep our heads up high during our darkest and toughest moments. All the patients and families in Rainbow Ward, we are like one big loving caring family. We cry together, we laugh together and we stick together. That alone helped me and my family a lot and a lot knowing everybody can understand each other.

There is a lot more to say but if I start mentioning everything I wouldn’t stop. Basically Puttinu means the world to me and although I try and try, I know I can never fully re-pay what you have done as I have never seen or heard of something greater than what this organisation is doing with these families in their time of need. So thanks for everything, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

Jerome Frendo