On behalf of our staff and our company Island Food Importers & Distributors LTD, it was our pleasure today to present to you and to Dr Calvagna our donation of €1,200 for Puttinu Cares.

This was possible thanks to the noble incentive of our employee Noel Pellicano, who together with his colleague Rosette Mugliett, encouraged our employees to pool in €5 per month throughout 2020. This was done on a voluntary basis and we are so proud of the 16 employees who participated. They managed to collect the nice sum of €960, and the company pooled in another €240 to make the total donation €1,200 😊.

We will be repeating the same throughout 2021 so hope to see you next year with another donation.Thank you and God Bless all your hard work and dedication to help those in need.