Over €1.6m has been raised for the children’s cancer charity Puttinu Cares.

The total sum of €1,688,209 was raised through fundraising and donations from those participating in the 60-hour football and volleyball marathon set up in aid of the charity.

It is expected that the money will be used to purchase property close to the centre of London in order for patients to receive treatment and their families to be accommodated.

The marathon also benefitted from a cheque of €10,000 from the family of Enrica Rose, a 13-year-old girl whose funeral was held last week. Enrica had been fighting cancer. Through the collected donations during the funeral, the family were able to provide the marathon with a share towards its fundraising.

This was the 15th edition of the fundraising event, which takes place at Marsa Sports Ground. This year’s sum is just off the over 2 million Euros which were raised in 2017.

The Maltese Cancer support charity Puttinu Cares, had previously made the appeal in June, saying that they needed support to purchase more apartment spaces to accommodate its patients.

Puttinu said that its 25 apartment complex in Sutton London, was at full capacity and that every month, between 60 and 90 patients were going to London to receive treatment.

Puttinu Cares has been providing support and financial subsistence to patients and their families since 2002. The organisation says that it typically spends around €500,000 to cover travel and living costs while receiving treatment in London.