We have just returned from Oxford in the UK where we have spent around three weeks with our son Jerome, at Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, from where he underwent a very sensitive surgery so as to remove a tumour from his limb.

In Oxford, we had to pay a very high rate for the food and accommodation. Indeed, the Guest House rate was of £85 per day and on top of that, we had to buy pre-packed and ready-made food and drinks (including fruit) for daily consumption, in view of the fact that there were no basic facilities to store/cook food in the Guest house. These averaged to £70 per day.

Through this experience, we came face-to-face with the reality of having to spend weeks away from home, and without the basic needs, and thus could appreciate much and much more the importance and relevance of the apartments Puttinu built in Sutton. Due to the distance involved, around 2½ hours away from Oxford, we could not benefit from these apartments. To this effect, we genuinely hope that Puttinu manages to find a suitable area which can possibly be developed in this location given the number of Maltese patients that are referred there.

Finally, but not least, we must make another very important point……. True that Puttinu has the apartments in Sutton and that he tries to help as much as he can people like us, however in our opinion the most valuable characteristic of Puttinu is the continued psychological support, help and professional assistance which he gives to the patients and their families. Well done and thank you to all the members of staff involved.