On the 4/5/6 May, the Annual Puttinu Cares Football Marathon will be held at the Marsa Sports Grounds.

Puttinu Cares is currently building apartments in Sutton to cater for children suffering from cancer and their families.  The total cost involved amounts to €3,000,000 of which €700.000 have been collected during last year’s marathon.

You can help out by directly donating by phoning in on the numbers below

Fixed Lines:
51602007 – €10  —   51702006 – €15  —    51802008 – €25

or by

SMS Donation – send a blank SMS:    50617380 – €2.33

Or make a Deposit in:
HSBC account number: 0890 7734 1001
BOV account number: 0400 1812 2134

Also, a bazaar will be held, so you can also contribute by donating any item that you do not need anymore or that you are thinking of throwing away, but might still be sold to someone else. If you have any such item, please contact Rennie on Mobile 99672790 or e-mail [email protected].  

Thanking you in advance for your co-operation and help in this worthy cause

visit marathon website