Puttinu Cares is organising its seventh annual football marathon.

This will be held at the Marsa Sports Complex between 10am on Friday 6th May and 10pm on Sunday 8th May 2011. The aim of the marathon is to clearly demonstrate the painful reality experienced by more than four hundred patients every year as they seek specialised treatment in England.

All you have to do to help in this marathon is to book a pitch.

Booking a pitch is FREE of charge. Those teams who wish to leave a donation are obviously welcome to do so. Remember that the aim of this
football marathon is to help young and adult patients going for treatment abroad. So book your pitch now and whilst participating come and have
some fun whilst helping others to lead a better life.

There are three 5 a side pitches and two 7 a side pitches available. You will have to provide your own players for example if you book a FIVE a side pitch you need to provide TEN players and likewise if you book a SEVEN a side pitch you will need to provide FOURTEEN players.

If you are booking by email please forward us the following details:
• Name
• Mobile number
• Date and time
• Pitch size.