Puttinu Cares has a dream – that there will come a day when no patient and his family undergoing treatment abroad will have to pay for accommodation. We are on our way to making this dream come true.  Like we did in Sutton, we are now in the process of purchasing another property in Central London which consists of 19 fully finished apartments and an underlying commercial area which has the potential to substantiate the maintenance and running costs of the apartments.  It is within 30 minutes reach to the centre of London since the majority of patients go to Great Ormond, National and Moorefields Hospitals. This project is being estimated to cost around 23 million british pounds excluding VAT, SDLT, solicitors and furnishings.

With this acquisition the Maltese patients and their accompanying relatives will now have a fully furnished private apartment which provides the appropriate dignity and respect to the patients and alleviate some of the hardships they are going through.  They will also have the facility to be in a Maltese Community where they can feel at home and be able to support each other during this difficult instance in their lives.  This project is intended to make the Maltese Community in the UK proud that we are able to support the Maltese patients by providing them with free accommodation.