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Help Save Leah

"We have received many emails from people wishing to still contribute to Leah's well-being, whilst the Xuereb family do not expect any more donations following the overwhelming generosity from the community & support from the government or their ongoing work with the Xuereb family and others families facing similar challenges.

We would like again to thank everyone involved for the heartfelt support they have shown to Leah during this difficult time. We will keep

and Times of Malta updated with Leah's treatment in Texas supported by KidsnCancer,  the Maltese Government & Puttinu Cares. The donations raised by the community for KidsnCancer will cover the families flights, accommodation and living expenses until Leah is declared in remission, any remaining money after this will help other children needing treatment in America. Thank you"

I am so worried people are not aware of what will happen to their donations, they really will help Leah despite the government paying for treatment. We now have another mountain to conquer- so much paperwork is involved in transferring Leah to Texas we just pray she will have an operation date soon.

Thank you so much for your kind words, God bless.



Help Save Leah Help Save Leah


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