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Skanderborg Handball Club

Skanderborg Handball Club, the Danish team that came for the training camp, were overwhelmed by the possibility to give a little bit from what they could. They gave small gifts which might lighten up some of the days of the children. Luxol Handball Club, were really happy to coordinate this event and give the possibility to foreign people to show their support to Maltese people and organisations, in this case Puttinu. Luxol Handball Club would like to seek future possibilities where we can try to help as we really appreciate your hard work. More than that, people helping and being helped at Puttinu Cares, teach us athletes 2 fundamental things, Courage and Determination. I would like to thank you on my behalf, Luxol Handball Club, Malta Handball Association, the handball community and all the Maltese citizens for your hard work. Keep determined and full of courage. You are of an inspiration to us.

Heartfelt thanks goes to Martina Fenech, Kayleigh Caruana and Jerome Frendo

Skanderborg Handball Club


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