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Puttinu's dream is halfway there

Since the early days of Puttinu Cares in 2002, this NGO's operations faced the great need of accommodation needed by the patient's parents who were being sent to the UK for further specialized treatments. These patients never knew how long they would have to stay abroad; it could be a matter of a few days or weeks or it could also take long months on end. 

One has to keep in mind that back in those early days Puttinu Cares used to take care of sick children, therefore the need for accompanying parents was very important. In such delicate situations, children required to be assisted and cared for by their parents. Until this present day, sometimes parents have to replace each other alternately, while in others cases both parents have to be present with their sick child together. There are also some instances were other members of the family have to be present, depending on the medical situation of the patient.

 Therefore Puttinu started off straight away to meet this need by looking for apartments in the vicinity of the Royal Marsden Hospital. This was the hospital where most patients were sent to for further treatment. The fact that finding residence close by to the hospital meant reducing transport time, hassle and costs as much as possible.

The first block of apartments were purchased in 2008, were situated in an area called Camden Gardens, in Sutton. Following minimal work they were converted to take up to six families at the same time, and families were able to start using them practically at once.

Over a number of years the need for more accommodation was increasing because more families had to accompany their children away from home. It was time for Puttinu to start looking again for more apartments. While the first priority was to rent apartments to cater for immediate use, Puttinu Cares took on the mission of researching the neighbourhood for a much larger residential space.

On the 11th November 2011 Puttinu took on this major project with great courage. Fully committed to this project, this investment was being supported by the whole Maltese population who were ready to help Puttinu Cares reach its goals. Such an operation took exactly two years of construction works until completion, when on the 2nd November 2013 this project supported by the people's generosity was finally inaugurated. A block of twelve apartments situated in Cheam Road, Sutton, complete with all the necessary amenities required for the whole family use.

Why does this article bear the title of 'Puttinu's dream is halfway there'? All the work carried so far by Puttinu Cares is simply half or a fraction of what is being planned. This is simply because Puttinu has now opened its doors to help patient's families of all ages who need to be sent to UK for specialised treatment. Therefore this is resulting in a further increase in demand for such accommodation. A better way of understanding the magnitude of this situation, lies in the fact that the number of families which are being sent to UK for further treatment varies around thirty a month, and these cannot all be helped by Puttinu Cares.

Following the completion of the payback period for these current apartments, the immediate plans of Puttinu Cares are to expand and invest in further accommodation in other parts of UK or in other countries, wherever patients need to travel for their treatment.

This is a reality faced daily by Puttinu Cares. Your continued support in its mission will make this dream come true.



Puttinu's dream is halfway there


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