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NGO Tghannieqa

  • It’s difficult to explain the work we do since one needs to visit us and watch us in action to feel the positive atmosphere during the sessions.
  • Tghanniqa is a voluntary organisation helping more than 25 children/ youths and their families by offering educational sessions focusing on English, HW and revision to children and youths coming from the Cottonera area. We give individual attention since each volunteer is in charge of not more than 3 children. Most children have one to one sessions.
  • Tghanniqa has emerged from another NGO, but we are now an official, independent organisation. We have been offering our services for the past 9 years.
  • These sessions are held every Monday and Wednesday from 6-8pm all year round, since we have a winter programme and a summer programme. During the sessions there will be a short break for the children/ youth to have a drink and something to eat.
  • Other activities such as parties, outings, picnics, 3 day live-ins, craft competitions and cooking sessions are also held.
  • Every Wednesday, apart from the educational sessions, children can choose to attend a craft session. Craft sessions vary from pottery, frame creations with foil, card making, crib making etc.
  • This year we are introducing a Healthy lifestyle project, focusing on sports, healthy cooking sessions, and cultural activities as well as inviting professionals to give talks to the children and their parents.
  • We also provide different resources such as food, books, clothes, toys etc to families in need.
  • At Tghanniqa we are like one big happy family. The friendly and trusting relationship between the children/youths and the volunteers help us all to feel at home and welcome. This NGO is the children/ youths’ NGO. The children are very much involved in the activities planned and their ideas are values and appreciated. They even chose the name of our organisation themselves, through a competition.
  • Sometimes, we search help from other professionals such as dentist, speech therapists etc to offer the best possible service to the children/ youths.
  • Tghanniqa does not only help to improve the quality of life, educational levels and standards of living of her service users, but it offers a safe and caring place, where children/ youths are given love and attention to strengthen their values.

Nowadays, we have children who have attended Tghanniqa for the past 7 years, and they are now volunteers themselves, offering their time, energy and ideas for others.



NGO Tghannieqa NGO Tghannieqa
NGO Tghannieqa NGO Tghannieqa


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