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Motorcycle Trip through Africa

For as long as I can remember, motorcycles have always been more than just a hobby for me, & it has in fact developed into a passion which forms an integral part of my identity. Throughout the years I have dreamed of travelling to distant places & biking through the most exotic places which the world has to offer.

God has blessed me with good health (so far) & if such a dream is to become a reality, I believe that I have an obligation to ensure that such an event would contribute to those who are in need.

Years ago I started thinking of ways as to how I could organize an extreme & difficult motorcycle trip for the benefit of others, although personal commitments had prevented me from being able to plan such an event. Despite such commitments, I have constantly allocated time to reflect, research & theoretically plan my dream, despite the fact that I had no idea as to how this dream of mine could be turned into reality.

With the support of my wife, I finally had the courage to take the first step, & after noticing the immense & difficult work which Puttinu Cares performs, I was decided: if such an event is to take place, I would definitely do so to aid the objectives of this foundation.

The trip (which will take place via motorcycle), leaves Malta for Northern Africa, precisely landing in Morocco from where the road leads to another thirteen different countries throughout the continent travelling South to reach Cape Town some 20, 000 Kilometres later. The terrain varies from ashphalted roads & cities to desert terrain & hostile weather conditions, not to mention the fact that the journey goes through areas where security & civil war would be of concern.

I am fully committed to undertaking such trip for the benefit of those who seek the assistance of Puttinu – a foundation which aids hundreds of families cope through the most difficult times of their lives. In undertaking such a trip, I will not only realize my lifelong dream, but will also be a part of something much bigger than myself which raises much needed awareness & necessary funding.

Such a project needs considerable careful planning & resources, & I am therefore seeking the assistance of entities who are willing to contribute for the costs in organizing such an event for the benefit of Puttinu. Those who are able to make such a commitment would be investing in a great cause & have the opportunity to contribute to those in need in a very major way impacting the lives of families who are in dire need of assistance & support.



Motorcycle Trip through Africa


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