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Book Sliema Wives - supporting Puttinu Cares

The new intriguing novel by Gerard James Borg – Sliema Wives (published by Midsea Books) is out. The author of the book has decided to donate his share of royalties to Puttinu. Therefore, Puttinu Cares Foundation will be receiving 2.00 Euro from every book sold.  

Gerard James Borg, better known for his success in Eurovision, has written a kiss-and-tell novel set against a Maltese backdrop which is sure to keep you captivated and entertained by its content.


The story revolves around five women who have been nominated for The Woman of The Year Award by American entrepreneur Chad Kingsly – owner of the most celebrated society magazine – LUSHLIFE. Behind the glitzy façade of their palatial homes, Botox, and expensive smiles there are rippling undercurrents as these five women battle to win the coveted award. This is a thrilling and entertaining ride through the corridors of lust, power, betrayal, and ambitious rivalry. Not to be missed! Check it out… and help support Puttinu!




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Book Sliema Wives - supporting Puttinu Cares


2013 Book Sliema Wives


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