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Cherry Tree Book Swap

Cherry Tree Book Swap allows all book lovers out there to swap as many books as they want for a small donation! And the good news is that ALL the money goes to charity!!

Through Cherry Tree you can swap as many books as you want for a small donation of €5. Browse through the books available and you can easily swap them with your unwanted ones. All it takes is a private message!

Every year Cherry Tree will choose a local NGO and all money will go to its cause. By participating you will not just be getting your hands on beautiful new stories to read, but also contributing to a green idea of reusing other people's books as well as reducing waste by not throwing away unwanted books. To top it all off your donation will be making a difference in the life of those less fortunate than yourself! 

Go ahead and start sorting out your shelves. If you are the typical bookworms who never part from their beloved books, don't worry! At Cherry Tree you can just choose any books you want and get them for a €2 donation.

Cherry Tree started around a year ago, first event being in aid of Dar Osanna Pia where we collected around 300eur. That same year we organized another event, this time for the C.S.A.F (a local cat sanctuary) where we collected around 400eur.
This time Cherry Tree Bookswap will be held online so that our clients can access it any time of the day! Book lovers have the chance to browse our albums, which are always being updated with new books, send their desired list by private message and Cherry Tree Bookswap will make sure that they are delivered.

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Cherry Tree Book Swap


An Event in aid of Puttinu Cares


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