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Tenishia - Dance for Life

Clubbing, dancing and Underground Music is not normally associated with people in need; it is actually most of the time looked at from a bad perspective and also unfortunately associated to drugs... But this is clearly not the case! Malta’s leading DJ Duo, Tenishia is ready to show that the young generation in clubs care about life and ready to help those less fortunate like everyone else... And this time they will be dancing for a good cause!

Tenishia : Dance 4 Life is a new concept of events which Joven Grech & Cyprian Cassar will be organising from time to time with a policy of aiding people in need by their music. The local duo has been enjoying huge national and international success playing in several countries around the planet and pulling large amounts of people to their events, becoming Icon DJs and Idols to the young generation. The first edition of the Tenishia: Dance 4 Life Events will be raising funds for the Puttinu Cares Foundation which is a non-profit organization who supports children with Cancer.


“I think the Maltese society has given us a lot to advance in our career. The support has been huge and this support has motivated us to move forward. I think it is time to give something back and we are choosing to give it to those in need”Cyprian


The Event will happen at Tattingers on the 8th of October and will feature a 2hr DJ Set by Tenishia themselves and also their entourage of upcoming Djs which also have offered voluntary help. Tenishia are also asking for a hand to their fans within promoting this event by sharing the news on their facebook and others who can help making this event more special to e-mail Door Entry for this event will require a small donation of any ammount at the door which will go entirely to Puttinu Cares Foundation.


“I’ve been in the Rainbow Ward at the Mater Dei Hospital and I have seen with my own eyes these innocent kids that have been condemned by Cancer... and it made me ask myself. Why? What did these kids do? But its life it could me or you and with some money we can give a chance these kids to live! And that is why we’re doing this... It’s easy and it’s simple... Dance and let’s give a chance to these kids... a chance to live! Dance 4 Life” - Joven



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Tenishia - Dance for Life


Tenishia - Dance for Life


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